Jodi Arias – Maria Schaffer testimony 21 Nov 2014

( Assembled from these tweets , see also Bryan Neumeister testimony )

Schaffer says she went to Mesa PD June 19, 2009 to view evidence in the case, as is standard when defending a suspect.

Schaffer says there was “voluminous evidence” seized by Mesa PD in #JodiArias case. She and co-counsel Greg Parzych went to view 06- 2009.

Schaffer describing the process of examining. Herself, her investigator, co-counsel, etc went to evidence room.

After evidence was brought to room by Det. Flores, Schaffer and Parzych were escorted in. First journals and other writings.

Schaffer says there were cellphones that were plugged in and fired up by Flores. Martinez was there. Then they looked at computers.

Schaffer says Det Flores plugged in the computers and turned them on.

Flores had to find cords for the computers, then he plugged them in and turned them on. Martinez “perused files” in Alexander’s computer 1st

Previously Juan Martinez said Schaffer and co-counsel turned them on against their advice.

Schaffer remembers the Juan Martinez looking through the files on #TravisAlexander’s laptop

Schaffer says Martinez said he was looking for porn pics on the laptop.

Schaffer says they already had the camera pics before Martinez was looking for porn. Says she never touched the laptop.

There was nothing else plugged in, i.e. no “write blocker” to prevent changes in files. There were many selfies. Martinez looking for porn.

Schaffer says they did not stay until 5 p.m. Their investigator left early.

The computers were still on when Schaffer and Parzych left the room where they examined computers.


Martinez says it was Schaffer’s request to examine the evidence.

Martinez handing a list of evidence Schaffer requested.

Martinez says the meeting was set for her convenience. She answers, “And for you.” He calls up a list of items requested for meeting.

Schaffer testifies that she never touched TA’s computer, but recalls Martinez going “perusing” through files looking for photos.

Maria Schaffer: “The items were brought in in waves.”

Schaffer says when she left Mesa PD, after looking at evidence, computers still on. Det Flores and Martinez were still there.

Martinez: they were powered up bc you wanted to see what was on them right?

Schaffer says, “At that time, you wanted to see the images as well, sir.” She tells him that he told her that he had never seen the evidence.

Martinez asking if Schaffer remembers advice not to turn them on. Schaffer says no, she doesn’t remember that.

Martinez saying that Schaffer insisted on turning on the computer though not a good idea, that they laughed. She denies.

Martinez asks a series questions asking if she recalls specific incidents, Schaffer says no to all.

Schaffer says it was Martinez’ idea to fire up cell phones and computers. Schaffer was just taking inventory at that point, not examining.

Schaffer said that she need to estimate what kind of experts she would need and ho much it would cost. Martinez unable to trip her up.

Atty Schaffer says Juan Martinez told her at time of 2009 inspection of TA’s computer he’d never seen stuff on computer.

Schaffer says that she has to view evidence before asking boss for funds. Martinez says you have to fire up the computers to know.

Schaffer says she had to look at the computers in person to be able to request the funds for her expert.

Martinez says she had to turn the computer on to see how big the files were to budget time for her expert correctly.

Frankly, Mr. Martinez, I did not know if you and Mr. Flores were going to let us turn on the computers that day.” Schaffer.

Martinez says she turned on the computer. “You authorized Det. Flores to turn on the computers, Mr. Martinez.”

Martinez is done.


Schaffer: “If Mr. Martinez had told us that turning on the computers would destroy evidence, we would not have allowed that.”

Schaffer says she was never alone with the evidence.

Schaffer did not know that turning it on would delete evidence. The only person who touched it and went through files was Martinez.

Wilmott: Who was the only person you saw touch the keyboard?Schaffer: Mr Martinez

Schaffer also testifies she didn’t have technical knowledge that turning on computer could destroy files.

Schaffer leaves the stand.

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