Jodi Arias – the gas cans revisited

Juan Martinez argued that Jodi lied about returning a gas can she bought at Walmart on 3 June 2008.

In 2010, the Walmart store Jodi shopped at relocated.

On 23 October, 2014, at the penalty retrial, the defense finally raised this issue.

It may be that some registers did not physically relocate, and the records for these registers may not have been accessible to Amanda Webb.

Note: If Jodi didn’t return the gas can to Walmart, WHY ON EARTH would she testify that she did? She could simply have testified that she didn’t use the gas can at Pasadena. It makes no sense. Another reason for thinking that Amanda Webb did not have access to the relevant computer records.

Update : Amanda Webb doesn’t know ( has video and transcript )

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On a lighter note, is Jeff Goldberg serious?


8 thoughts on “Jodi Arias – the gas cans revisited”

  1. George, do you understand how a computer system works? One register is tied to a main frame. If the register is thrown in a swamp, the information is still accessible on the main frame. How can this be so hard for you to understand?

  2. Everyone knows that big companies like Walmart close out each register several times daily and run compiterized a computer generatrd accounting of each and every transaction of every type made at said register. Including removing the money tray to count the money, gather and document checks and make deposits for pick up by armed guard. Each transaction is given a number whether it be sales or return and is immediately documented by computer and printed out for local accounting purses and saved and electronically sent to a central accounting location and records are kept.
    Ms Webb is testifying based on information containrd in those accounting records. The registers have nothing to do with tracking the transaction once its closed out every few hours. So it doesnt matter where all of the old registers could be now. They are a very moot point.

    1. You have not understood the point. The records are indeed computerised. The question is what happens to the computer records when the store moved. Amanda Webb says she doesn’t know.

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